Client area

Teaching activity

A non-secondary component of the activity of the Law Firm Feltrinelli & Brogi is dedicated to the organization of general training courses and specialized seminars - both at client companies and at associations of entrepreneurs - in the field of IP.

The process of European integration, the pressing of the international globalization, the increasingly development of sophisticated technologies, have led to a proliferation of complex legal acts and decisions able to affect heavily on the activity and on the choices of the single companies which therefore have an absolute necessity of continuous updating in a matter so critical for the development and the economic competition, such as that of IP.

On the other hand, a good level of general preparation of the company management and a sufficient updating of the managers of the IP are a very important condition not only for a correct orientation of the entrepreneurial policies, but also for the most profitable interaction between the client company and his consultants and external professionals.

For these reasons, the Law Firm Feltrinelli & Brogi, not only has activated an automatic service (and free) of updating of its clients on all the most relevant regulatory and decisions regarding IP, but organizes and directly manages, at the individual companies, general training courses and specialized seminars, structured according to the specific needs of the clients, with whom the course topics are agreed in advance.

Courses and seminars on training and professional development in the field of IP, even wider, are then frequently organized and managed by Feltrinelli & Brogi on behalf of important Associations of entrepreneurs - both general and sectoral - and training institutes managerial and post-graduate.