Client area

Legal activity


The first and main area of activity of the Law Firm Feltrinelli & Brogi concerns the direct and specialized assistance in all the disputes - judicial and extrajudicial, national and international - in the field of:

  • infringement or nullity of intellectual property rights and therefore of patents for invention and for utility models, trademarks, tradenames and domain names, software and copyright;
  • unfair competition, in all possible aspects: slavish imitation of products and distinctive signs, disparaging and/or appropriating the merits of a competitor, distraction of employee and poaching customers, misappropriation of technical or trade secrets, dumping and parasitic competition;
  • advertising, with specific reference to unfair advertising competition, misleading and comparative advertising. All these in the proceedings before both the Judicial Authority and the Jury of the Advertising Self-Regulation, and the Competition and Market Authority.


The second area of activity of the Law Firm Feltrinelli & Brogi is focused to the direct and global assistance to the economic operators in all the phases of the negotiation and stipulation of national and international contracts of:

  • assignment or license of patents, trademarks, design, know-how and copyright;
  • distribution, franchising, merchandising and, in general, any kind of contract involving industrial, intellectual and competition issues.


The third specialized area of activity of the law Firm Feltrinelli & Brogi concerns the writing out of legal opinions regarding any aspects of obtaining, enforcing and assigning of intellectual property rights, both in Italy and abroad. Particularly:

  • drafting preliminary opinions on the validity and infringement of patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and copyrights, in order to allow the client a preliminary evaluation regarding the opportunity to undertake a specific activity;
  • consultancy on issues relating the ownership of patents and innovations developed by employees and the rights arising from them.